When it comes to career development it pays to start early.  In our experience talent is nurtured from a very young age. But what happens to ‘Talent’ as the years go by? Is ‘talent’ still fully developed or is it dropped and has a focus only on the new generation coming into the workforce? Talent should not stop just because of age. Plus it should be constantly cultivated. Well those are our thoughts.

Exploring the issue of talent

It was those thoughts that led the founders of the MMM Network to really explore the issue of talent. The founders discovered that there was a real challenge with stemming the flow of talent from their businessses. They found that it didn’t matter what industry sector they were in, talent was a problem for them.

The founders decided to look at how cross-industry experiences at all levels could be shared to help all businesses deal with the ‘talent’ issue. Their result was to come up with the ‘mentoring’ MMM Network.

Their aim is for this to become the ‘Go To’ platform for HR and learning &development professionals to come to help support the development of organisational talent.

It’s an exciting journey that MMM are on and in future blog posts you will be able to follow their progress and discover more about the senior female founders that started it off.

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