Welcome to MMM Network – a mentoring programme created to stem the flow of female talent from business by bringing together women from a range of industries, ages and experiences to share knowledge and build relationships.

This year (2017), which marks both the centenary of the suffrage movement and requires companies to publish disparities in gender pay, seems a fitting moment to be creating this forum.  There are many fantastic networks already out there, but we believe MMM is different.

Breaking down barriers

Rather than focus on one industry, discipline or level of seniority, the MMM Network is specifically designed to break down barriers of age, stage and status.  Its role is to create a space where women can come together and learn about how those in other professions tackle challenges they’ve encountered in their careers.

Mentoring programmes have proven to be successful support mechanisms for younger, less experienced employees. They can help individuals manage their careers, improve skillsets and provide a private space where personal issues can be discussed and shared.

However, it’s all too frequently the case that these programmes can quickly become linear, inward-looking and focused on industry or company-specific issues.

This is where our newly launched MMM mentoring network – a supportive group who are willing to share their tales and experiences to help personal development – sets us apart.

Unlike others, our network is set up to be both cross generational and cross sector. We also don’t allow geographical barriers to get in our way: our capabilities are enhanced by involving people in different cultures and countries.

This means that the women who join, and who are usually mid-career, can draw on the professional experiences of talented senior females across a broad range of industries and locations outside of their own. Sectors often have individual means for tackling challenges, making the depth and diversity of the group more appealing to mentees and mentors alike.

Speaking freely

Our aim is to create an independent environment where our members can speak freely and openly with and learn from like-minded women about any of the issues they are facing, talk through how obstacles might be overcome, and how their challenges can be resolved.

This provides a number of benefits for all of those taking part. For example, mentees are able to share any personal concerns with their mentor independently of their employer, without any apprehension that the conversation will reach colleagues. And by being matched with a mentor in a different industry, they will be able to receive fresh perspectives on issues as they build their confidence and capabilities to achieve their career goals.

For the mentor, the process can be equally as enriching and rewarding. As well as witnessing others develop and grow as a result of your advice and experience, there is the potential to broaden your own knowledge, increase personal networks and add a new, fresher angle to your day to day job.

In creating this network, we are establishing a welcoming, approachable and unique platform for genuine and lasting connections to be created, which will be able to benefit those participating throughout their professional careers.

By bringing so much talent together, we’re excited to see stories, knowledge and advice being passed on and hope to quickly become a space that businesses can tap into to facilitate professional development.

We cannot wait to start making a real difference to the careers of the next generation of female talent.

If you are interested in finding out more the please take a look at our website or contact info@themmmnetwork.com