How We Work

One amazing network

The MMM Network differs to many mentoring groups. How is it different? Firstly, the group is driven by the career development needs of the mentees. Secondly, rather than operating in one sector, it works across different sectors. Thirdly, it has no geographical restrictions as the group operates across the globe.

Mentee Led

It does not matter how senior or junior you are in an organisation. You can be a mentee at any stage of your career. The network has an over-arching philosophy of supporting growth throughout the lifetime of a career. Learning and development is not just one time  only. We believe that people learn & develop through all stages of their careers from junior to the most senior levels of Executive Management.

Across Sectors

The matching of mentor and mentee is not based on age, position or sector but rather on specific knowledge and experience. In this network some relationships will come from matching people from different industries. Different sectors have their own approaches to challenges and that is what makes the richness of the group more enticing to both mentees and mentors.  Everyone in the group is opened to new ideas and ways of developing.

Across Geographical Boundaries

In addition to working across sectors we decided at the outset not to allow geographical barriers to get in our way. We felt that our mentoring capability would only be enhanced by involving different cultures and countries. This means we have mentors across the UK, across the pond and across the oceans.

Our Work

Our work covers all sorts of challenges that mentees bring. It could be anything from helping someone to become a partner in a professional services firm, helping someone with their brand or helping someone in their first management role.

Whatever the challenge is we will find the right mentor to help. Our role is to provide the right match to ensure that the mentee has the best mentor for the task at hand.

We encourage our mentees to provide upward feedback to our Mentors to support their ongoing growth.It is a process that our mentors value as they seek to continuously improve.

We are on the look out for mentors and if you would like further information on what it takes to join our mentoring network then please send us an enquiry by using the form below or e mail