For our next MMM networking event we are delighted to be joined by Kate Dodd a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant from Pinsent Mason. She will be talking to us about what we may recognise or even have experienced ourselves, and as importantly how we can best respond to what is known as “the Imposters syndrome”.

Imposter Syndrome

In the 1970’s, researchers came up with the term “impostor syndrome” to describe the behaviour of high achievers who seemed unable to take ownership of their success. This tendency affects men and women alike, and isn’t limited to any ‘type’ of person; many different people diminish the significance of their achievements and attribute them to luck or other forces outside their control, rather than their own effort, intelligence, and dedication.

For some people with impostor syndrome, their biggest fear is that people will discover that they are a fraud and not as skilled or competent as they make themselves out to be.

Does it apply to you?

In helping you decide whether this is the event for you consider these statements and ask yourself if any of these apply to you :-

“I sometimes worry that I am not as good at this as people think I am”

 “Even when people praise me, I don’t really feel that I have earnt that praise”

“I shy away from challenges because of nagging self-doubt”


The session

During the session, we will examine how and why imposter syndrome affects us. We will learn and share some practical ways to manage the causes, symptoms and effects.


Practical Information

Date – 20 September 2018

Time – 18.30 kick off with networking.  Presentation at 19.00 followed by more networking.

Venue – Jackson and Rye in Old Jewry, London, EC2R 8EB.

Register – by completing the ‘contact us‘ form to ensure that we keep a space for you.