The MMM Network is a unique cross industry career mentoring forum created in 2017.

It enables talent across industry groups, across international borders and generations to share experiences and support personal growth.

join us at any point on your journey

We provide an opportunity for you to access development at any stage of your life and career.

There are no right or wrong ways to experience life but there are certainly some tools that might make it a more enjoyable and rich experience.

We like to be able to support people at all stages of their lives as we all need different support and development as we go through life. So how and what do we do to support this mission?

What We Do


Mentoring is the guiding principal behind the purpose of the network. It is our reason for being. In our opinion it doesn’t matter where you are in your career, mentoring helps bring about personal growth.


As well as mentors and mentees getting together on a regular basis, we also hold periodic events in which the wider group of people in the network have a chance to become immersed and develop new relationships.


Motivating is really a by-product of all the mentoring work that happens within the group. However, we want to be the go to place for HR professionals that are looking for some mentoring support.

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